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July 26, 2023

Series 7 World Packs Listed on ebay!

Series 7 is a welcomed surprise.

  If you've been collecting the latest sets from Jazwares you probably thought series 6 was the end of the basic car line. We got a great Transformers line early last year but nothing new from the main car line. It looked to me like the line was ending. I was happy to get the new micros from Jazwares but I wanted to see more car manufacturers in micro size

  Surprisingly series 7 sets have been appearing on ebay for the last few days. We will be getting six world pack sets in this series more

Bugatti Track Day

"If it doesn't say Micro Machines it's not the real thing."

MM 87 logo anlged.jpg

If you are new to Micro Machines or a sweaty nerd like myself, I hope your visit to the site is a positive experience. Have fun browsing your favorite MM sets or loose microfigures, vehicles and ships.

Enjoy and remember...

elcome to


From Acura to Z-95 Headhunters you'll find it here at


This is a work in progress. There is much to add in the months and years to come. I've added some pages of loose micros but will be adding set pages later this year.

I've created this Micro Machines site for myself and other fans that want a MM database of what has been released by Galoob and Hasbro.
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